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15 responses to “Spa Day Gift Card Contest”

  1. brianna hinds

    I know my mom deserves this. she has worked super hard for 18 years to support me and my sisters all on her own. anytime we needed something, she pulled strings with someone somewhere to provide it for us. my mom is now going back to college. i dont know how she does it, she gets better grades than i do at my college. she has been very stressed out and i really think my hard working, compassionate mom deserves a spa day out.

  2. Kale McClead

    I would love to nominate my loving wife Mary. She is a wonderful wife to our 2 year old son, and is currently pregnant with our second son due in 2 months. She is a wonderful and loving person and currently works at a nursing home as a nursing assistant. She is also the president of the family group for the Navy ship I am currently serving on. She has always showed nothing but strength, honor and courage when my job has kept me on long deployments and away from home for long periods of time. She is not only my wife, she is my hero and my best friend.

  3. Reina Hatch

    I’d love to nominate my Sister.
    She is my best best friend who I love so much!
    My sister is such a hard worker, she is a full time CNA.
    Who cares for Brain injured people who no longer can
    Help them selves. Her job is not meant for everyone,
    But everyday she gives nothing but the best care
    For her patients.
    She also is a Beautiful wife and wonderful mother
    Of two.
    My sister is always giving her loving care,at work and home .
    She does it with a happy heart!
    I would love to see her get pampered, it would be so rewarding for her !

  4. Morgan Berg

    I don’t know if 2 entries is allowed…but if it is I’d also like to nominate my Mother In Law-she’s sweet, she’s generous & she has a wonderful heart. She gave me the wonderful man I married, she’s loved me & been kind to me since day one 12 years ago. She is a wonderful grandmother to our kids as well as our nephews. She is just one of those women that make you smile :)

  5. Morgan Berg

    I would like to nominate my mom-she raised my brother & I from 10 & 13 all by herself-she taught us our values, our morals, our ethics. She raised us to believe in ourselves, to forgive others, to have strength & to do everything from fix a water heater to manage our bank accounts. She taught me, as a woman, how to be independent, to pay my own way, to pave my own way & to love unconditionally. She raised me to be the mom that I am today to my kids-I just hope that I can live up to the bar she has set. Happy Mommy’s Day!!!!

  6. Bonnie Stansell

    I would like to nominate my daughter! From birth, this child of mine, has been the most loving, caring, forgiving, beautiful person that I have ever had the pleasure to know and to raise. She was always the first to laugh, smile, forgive me of my short-comings as a single parent. Now, my daughter has grown, left home and is starting a family of her own…how awesome is it for ME to get to see the woman that she has become? She is learning the balance between work, family, friends, job and life, as we all know it’s a struggle. To add to it, she is now going to have to leave her little family to go off to school and only get to see her beautiful daughter on the weekends. She has become the Mommy I wanted to be for her…ferocious as lioness defending her cub, responsible, more loving and gentle to her child than anyone could ever hope for. She is the Mom I wanted to be. She needs to be reminded that she is beautiful, and a day like this would make her day!

  7. Shana

    I want to nominate my mom because she is the strongest, most caring person I know. She works 7 days a week running her own business and still makes time for me and her 2 grandsons. My brother passed away and his birthday is right after Mother’s Day. She has suffered the greatest loss a mother can and this is going to be a very difficult week for her. She deserves this!

  8. Garret Wise

    My mom deserves the spa day, she has been working very hard by going to school, so she can make our lives better. She never has time to take care of herself, she is always going to class, doing homework, taking care of me and my brothers and the house. If anyone deserve this special day, it is her!!

  9. Lily

    I want to nominate my mom because she is the best mom in the world. She cares about others more than anything else. She loves me and my sister so much. She knows what is right for both of us, although we may not like it very much at the time. :) Also, she works really hard, and has gone through an unsuccesful neck surgery, and has to have another soon. I want to be able to remind her how much I love and appreciate her. Winning this would be so very special to her, because she works hard for me and my sister every day. She has a heart bigger than the Universe, and is so amazing!!! My mom is the best mom in the world!!!

  10. Ron E

    I would like to nominate my girlfriend. She is a wonderful mom to her 10 year old son. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. 2 weeks after her birthday and has completed 3 out of 16 chemo sessions and has lost her hair. I think winning this would remind her she is beautiful.

    1. Morgan Berg

      Ron-I think your girlfriend is very lucky to have you-reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Regardless of her hair loss she is still beautiful because of her strength! I wish her a wonderful Mother’s Day & I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  11. Adam Osborne

    I would like to nominate my loving wife and mother of 2.
    She is an awesome woman with a heart of gold.

  12. christine

    I nominate my mom because she is always putting herself before others. She will always make sure that you are happy and have what you need in life before her self. She is the most caring person I have ever met my whole entire life. And has the worlds biggest heart. :)

  13. Alyssa Lawrence

    I want to nominate my mom! she is amazing!!

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