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Sugaring the 100% All Natural Hair Removal System

What is Sugaring?
Sugaring is an all natural ancient art of hair removal. Sugaring is done with a sugar paste that is made of sugar, water and lemon.  The sugar paste is all natural, and considered a “greener” method of epilation since we do not use strips or spatulas to put it on and take it off creating less waste. The women in Egypt call this type of hair removal “HALAWA”.

Why is Sugaring better?
The sugar is applied at body temperature and is not HOT. It is removed with the direction of the hair growth, unlike traditional waxing, for a cleaner removal with less breakage and is typically a less painful way to remove hair.
The hair can be as short as 1/16th of an inch (about one to two week grow out after shaving, depending on the speed at which your hair grows).

Will my hair grow back finer over time?
For both sugaring and waxing the more routinely you have the service done (typically every 4 weeks) the hair will grow back finer and sparser. It is very IMPORTANT to wax or sugar within 3-4 weeks in order to weaken the hair follicle wall. The discomfort typically is cut by 50% when staying on a monthly schedule.

What do I need to know before I Sugar?

For best results please do not apply ANY creams/lotions (including No Scream Cream) or deodorants (if sugaring underarms) the day of your appointment. If you are getting a bikini or Brazilian, we recommend bringing a clean pair of cotton panties to change into afterwards. If you are sugaring your back or chest, we recommend bringing a clean white cotton shirt to change into. Avoid direct heat such as hot tubs or sun tanning the day of or the day after.

The best time to wax is 4 days after your menstrual cycle. It is a HUGE pain saver!!  A woman’s pain tolerance is much lower right before her cycle.
Do not work out after sugaring or waxing. Excessive perspiration can also harbor bacteria that can cause skin breakouts because of the open pores from the hair removal service.
The freshly treated area should not be touched as the dirt and oils from our hands can cause irritation. ESPECIALLY ON THE FACE!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about any of our services.

Brows *$20

Lip/Chin or Cheeks *$20

Full Face *$50-$55

Half leg/Full Leg *$45-$70

Full leg & Bikini *$98 & up

Classic/Extended Bikini *$35-$50

Brazilian *$60-$75

Male Brazilian *$75 – $85

Back/Chest *$50 (add shoulders $10)

Under Arms *$30-$35

Half Arm/Full Arm *$40-$50

Tummy *$10 and up

*Prices vary depending on technician

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